How to make: Cedar, Lavender and Rose Smudge Stick

Most everyone knows all about sage smudge sticks, and the benefits of burning plant material is common to purify the air around you. There are deeper, more spiritual reasons why people burn smudge sticks, but I'm not going to go into that 1. Because I don't use smudge sticks for anything other than air purification and 2. It's a complex and diverse subject that I just don't know enough about to be qualified in sharing/teaching. If you google smudge stick meanings/history, you can start learning more. I'm just going to share how to make a cedar, lavender and rose smudge stick for air purification. 


The reason why I use cedar is because it is native to my area and I think using native, local plants is good for the environment and your own personal air space. Plus it's easy to access and typically free! I have lavender growing in my garden, and these dried spray roses were leftover from a cake project that I did last weekend and I air dried them on the dashboard on the way home from our trip. 
I snapped a few cedar branches off and let them dry out for a few hours, same with the lavender. I then bunched 2 branches together, weaving in the lavender and dried roses, and wound cotton twine around it to secure it. 

When you burn your smudge stick, make sure you keep it in a safe, open area and keep a close eye on it. I use a small stone ashtray - some people use abalone shell. whatever you use, make sure it's a non-flammable material like stone, shell or glass. 

I truly love the way a smudge stick fills the air with an almost invasive smell but once it lingers for a moment, it laves behind the cleanest, purest air. We are all so surrounded with chemicals and unnatural air molecules, so anything to purify the air will help. I also like to surround our life with house plants that help purify the air also. Have you used smudge sticks? Do you make your own? Tell us about it in the comments, and I hope you like the video tutorial! (Music is the song Amethyst by Low)

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