The Best Vegan Strawberry Icecream

I was born with a milk allergy, and have been using milk substitutes my whole life, so when I went vegan way back when, it wasn't a hard transition, since I never really got to enjoy things like ice-cream or a tall glass of milk (do people enjoy milk? I don't know!!) When I was a kid, we used to make dairy free ice cream with an old hand crank ice cream maker, and it was pretty rad. Now, as an adult (no longer vegan, but still allergic to milk and torture myself by eating cheese sometimes...) I still love a good vegan ice cream, always, every chance I get. I wanted to share my very favorite recipe with y'all so you can enjoy it too. You don't need cow's milk to get a creamy, sweet ice cream. It's all plant based and relatively healthy too. ;) 

The ingredients you need for this are the most basic and easily accessible ingredients you can think of. 

2 cans of full fat coconut milk

3/4 cup of sugar

1 cup of chopped strawberries

1 tbsp cornstarch or arrowroot powder

1 tsp vanilla extract

optional - strawberry shortcake oreos

This is a two-day process, so be prepared to start it the night before you want to make the actual ice cream. I used an old ice cream maker from the 70s.

***I only mention this, because you can find one at pretty much every thrift store on the planet! You can also get a hand-crank ice cream maker or a small electric one at Target or on Amazon. This recipe calls for an ice cream machine, so don't try to cheat and just let it freeze in a pan like some coconut milk ice creams, it will be a block of weird textured coconut water with cream on top!)

The night before, you are going to want to add your coconut milk, sugar, strawberries to a saucepan and cook on medium the sugar and liquid is fully combined. whisk in the TBSP of cornstarch/arrowroot powder, let cook for another minute or so, remove from heat and whisk in your vanilla extract. Pour into the ice cream maker churning bowl (the metal bowl that you make the ice cream in) and put in the fridge to chill over night (or at least 6 hours.)

After your ice cream base has chilled, follow the directions on your machine for ice cream. (I started with churning for 23 minutes, but it still needed more time, so I ended up doing closer to 35 minutes.) After it is fully churned, let it set-up in the freezer for 1 hour.  

This should be the perfect addition to your memorial day weekend! I also added Strawberry shortcake Oreo's to the top and it was pretty perfect. Oreo's are also dairy free and by the ingredients, vegan, but you do have to be careful with that they sneak into those "natural flavors" section. 

Speaking of memorial day weekend, we have our american flag round and heart sunglasses on sale until Monday - and they ship June 1st! Hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend! We have foster kittens right now (more on them later!) so that's what we'll be doing!




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