Celebrate September

It's a new month and a new opportunity to make positive intentions. Write them down, stick to them. I have lots of goals, some involving our little business, and some involving working on my health - both physical and mental, and some involve my relationships with others. I have never loved September. What a strange thing, to dread a month, but it's always been a weird month for me. It's not quite still summer but not quite fall, the start of new things and as a Leo, I am terrible with change. It's a transitional month, a month for reflection and working towards new and exciting things. I wanted to share some of my goals here, and if you want to share yours in the comments, or tag us on Instagram, so we can all stay accountable.
I want to get back on my bike. The summers are hard for riding in Florida. I can't deal with the humidity. But now that it's September, it seems like it's getting cooler and I can get back to riding everyday. I do quick, 20 minute sprints - usually around 5 miles, and its the perfect way to get out any stress or anxiety I may feel at the end of a busy day.
I want to start waking up earlier. I go to sleep so late that it's hard to get up with the sun everyday, but this morning, I woke up at 5:30 and watched the sun come up over the trees and it was so beautiful. So inspiring. I got so much done before noon, just from waking up earlier!
I have been really into juice cleanse days. Ive been drinking ALOT of juice. It's been great, my body feels so refreshed. I want to do one juice day a week for the month of September and see how I feel.
We've been working NON-STOP and really making big efforts to transform this business. I will be the first to tell you, running a business does not come naturally to me. I vow t be better at it. Better at managing my time (hello! I'm such a type-b personality - I rarely know what time it is) but I'm trying, and that counts for something! We'll figure this out!
Lastly, I want to blog everyday in September! I want to connect and share! I want to use this space to inspire, connect and share. If you followed us before our little business grew, you may remember my tumbleweeds blog - I miss having that space. So here we are, and I will continue to share! I hope you'll all join along!
What goals do you have for September? How will you set the pace and stick to them? Leave us a comment or tell us on Instagram! We love to hear from you!
Love, Beca 
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