I mentioned before that September has always been a weird month for me, but this year we are making sure thats not the case. Step one, spread the love. So, today, and every Wednesday for the month of September, we will be sharing our favorite small businesses here on our blog and on our instagram. This week, it's all about giving gifts to someone special, next week will be for the little ones, the following week is all about self care and the last week of September will be full of surprises! :)

We all know there is nothing quite like giving a gift to someone you care about, for no particular reason. And since the start of September seems to be a little bit of a downer for a lot of people, now is a great time to give a just-because gift. To your bestie, to you partner, to your kids or yourself. Bring a little joy to the people you love by supporting a small business that you believe in.

Summer is still lingering and it's as hot as ever here in Florida and it's the same in most of the country, so grab a pair of our Eucalyptus Sunglasses (they're on sale!) and discreetly ask your friend their size and pick out a cozy cover-up from Swim Zip, the perfect high waisted shorts from Whiskeydog Wares and take your bestie to the beach or river for a friend-date. Surprise your bestie with flowers from your local florist and a surprise from your favorite small business. I also love getting very special gifts for friends from Amelia Presents, Emily McDowell and Love Jules Leather.

We all know how hard dudes are to shop for, so here are a few things that are sure to make some guy happy! This happy camper gift set for your camper guy, a camo tie from Forage Haberdashery, this Adventure tee from 1924US or a knife ring from our shop! Surprise your dude with a just-because gifts from any of these small businesses and check out some of our other men's favorites - Forager Co, Union leather Works and Passive Juice Motel.

And what about gifts for the little ones that don't come from a big box store? Maybe your little is in need of a special first full month of school gift, or a just because you're loved present. There's this cute top for your little lady, there cute little boots, or get ready for Halloween with this  tee from The Magpie Co. There is also this great tee from Little Faces and it's on sale! 

Maybe you have a friend or family member who is expecting, this mobile from Baby Jives would be the perfect gift! 

You can let em know they're loved with this statement tee from Wake Me Up or a delicate ring set from The Fox and the Fawn.

And now that you've been gifting all these people you love, why don't you treat yourself to a Pizza tee from Xentotee, a pair of Catalope leggings from Simka Sol, some perfect caramel Sauce from The Caramel Jar, this Tote from the Moorea Seal store (it's on sale!) and a customized bar necklace from Mint and Birch! And honestly, what could be a better gift to yourself than a Treat Yo Self tee from Hotsauce and Donuts! Don't forget this snack attack mug from Everyday is a Holiday!

We have so many more small businesses we want to share with you this, so stay tuned to the rest of our Wednesday posts, and jump on over to instagram and tell us your favorite small businesses! Thank you for being a supporter of small business and for having such a kind heart to bring small biz joy to your friends and families during the month of September and beyond!

Love, Bec

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