HEY DUDES! We are FINALLY transitioning to being a ready to ship shop. It's been a crazy 4.5 years of playing catch-up constantly, and sacrificing stellar customer service and quick turnaround times but enough is enough. The next few months will be a little weird and different. We're foregoing a fall collection to focus on building up our customer service, create an inventory for winter and spring and do this small biz thing RIGHT. We can't express enough how awesome it is to have such an amazing demand for our work, but we're learning to be smarter about the business side of it. We've tried to transition to ready-to-ship in the past and failed at it, but we've learned from those mistakes and are hoping to do this right! We care so much about having happy, stoked customers, and being the best we can be. We don't ever want to be a big business - we believe in small business. We always want to be the ones making our goods - and in order to do that plus have awesome customer service and communication, we HAVe to make this switch. 
As for orders that are currently open, we have been working non-stop and will have a happy package on your doorstep VERY SOON! Stay tuned for more updates!
This week, our entire shop (except the charity items) are 40% off. You don't need a code, and all sales are final. Due to the awesome nature of this sale, no other sales codes may be used. This is for orders placed after 5pm on Tuesday until 11:59pm on Friday. Thanks again for all of your support and encouragement while we make this transition, and I hope we can do it right this time! 
Love, Bec

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