Slow down, dudes.

Wow, I have really dropped the ball on updating this blog this last week. But life has been so hectic and busy, I really haven't had one minute to sit down and write a new post. I really want to make time to post more often, because it's such good medicine for me. For some reason this retrograde has been exceptionally brutal on us - things keep breaking (computer screen has been overheating and blacking out, Doug broke his iPhone screen IN A CASE, tools have been going on the fritz, I backed into Doug's motorcycle and the list could go on and on) BUT it's teaching me to be more patient and expect the best but plan for the worse! We've been in the shop for long hours each day, working on the tiniest of things, and all the most cherished orders. I have been working on starting and completing orders one at a time. Normally, I will do all o this, or all of that, but I really want my intentions to be centered and focused on each item. It may sound silly, but giving every order 100% of my attention from start to finish has made production smoother and a little faster! It takes me back to the old days, in the beginning of this journey, back when Doug and I would set up camp in the dining room, work into the early morning. Our first fall, we watched the entire 7 seasons of Malcolm in the Middle. I swear, people totally underestimate the amazingness that is Malcolm in the Middle. 
Lately we've been watching Medium in the shop, but we just finished that, so we've just been watching a lot of documentaries. Maybe you're wondering why I'm talking about TV shows and what we're watching. If you don't already know, I have both of my college degrees in film production, so obviously media is pretty important in my life. It always has been. I love the science behind it, how it effects us, how we are able to connect to characters, and how media influences us. Streaming funny, uplifting shows helps us get more done in the shop. Having smart, socially conscious documentaries playing gets us talking and thinking. It can be isolating working at home, out here in the middle of nowhere, so we are able to use social media to connect with humans, and movies and tv gives us an escape, and things to talk about! Anyways, if you're looking for a silly show to lose yourself in, Malcolm in the Middle is the way to go. 
In other news, Our shop has been completely cleared out, and while we work non-stop filling orders, we've also begun building inventory. It's so scary to have an empty shop, but we did make 4 of these beautiful Goldie cateyes and listed them in the shop! We have never been a "ready to ship" shop and it's SO SO SO exciting to finally get there. It's a slow transition, but we're stoked. Seriously. I woke up at 6 this morning, it was still dark out, worked on our inbox, and as soon as the sun started peeking over the trees, I snapped a photo of these pretty things. Look at that light! I've been shooting a lot more photos lately, and I love it. And videos! I'm really rusty! I used to shoot video of EVERYTHING and lots of 16mm, and super 8, but I just haven't lately and I need to change that! You can check out our Vimeo account here!
I'm on my 3rd cup of coffee and have a pretty massive to do list today, so I'm going to get to it. Wishing everyone a happy, productive Wednesday. I have a post scheduled tonight that you are not going to want to miss! 
Love, Beca
"A Brackish Blog, a merging of life and work, from the swamplands of North Florida, where the salt waters meet fresh waters and everything becomes one."

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