Midnight Musings & The Future Being

(Image via Marc Johns.)
I'm currently sitting crosslegged on the living room floor, eating the saltiest chocolate and drinking a huge jar of water. It's 2am, there's a movie on the TV but I haven't been paying attention because I'm bouncing back and forth between emails, working on our 2016 calendar, and typing this blog post. A chronic multi-tasker. As we near the end of the year, and the end of Tumbleweeds as we know it, I like to reflect on the past. I'm a reflector. Always.
Sometimes I scroll all the way back to the beginning of my instagram and just reminisce. It's so comforting. So, for fun, here are a few photos from collabs, customs, shoots from bloggers and customers, and some favorites. I have a stockpile of these, so I can't wait to share more. Be sure to click below for the sources!
Also, just a reminder, we're closing our virtual doors January 1st and reopening, grandly, date TBA soon! The coupon code Goodbyetumbleweeds is active and can be used until Jan 1 at 12:01am. We're stoked, but also scared, and looking forward to the future. Now, back to work!

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