Worry Stone Coffin Rings - The Whole Story

We get asked often why our gemstone rings are in the coffin shape, if we'll do another shape, or what the meaning behind it is. Doug started making these coffin rings about a year and a half ago (here is a photo of one of the first ones he made, from Tiger's Eye and Copper.)
As a kid, I always had a stone in my pocket or in my backpack, and my Mom called them worry stones. I would hold them in my palm and rub my thumb over the top of them when I felt worried...which was always. I was a sensitive child. I also kept a little pouch of worry dolls hanging from the post of my bed. (If you aren't sure what worry dolls are, they are little handmade dolls from Guatemala, kept in a small pouch the size of your palm. You tell your worries to them, and it helps ease daily stresses.)  As a nervous child, having worry stones and trouble dolls really helped sooth me. So, now, as an adult, I am still known to carry stones in my purse, and wear heavy, very old turquoise jewelry, jasper, black kyanite. I still fidget with my jewelry when I worry. So, when Doug started making these rings, I was instantly drawn to them. We talked long and hard about what they mean to us. Doug is influenced by his teenage years. Metal music and skateboarding. It's comforting and a reminder of youth, of living, and that this is the only life you live - and it goes by quickly. Mortality. Love. Life. This becomes even more close to our heart due to a recent loss, and as the year comes to a close, we have a lot on our minds and in our hearts. 
Doug and I work together to pick out the best stones, usually from private collections (like my own sone collection) and research where they come from, how they are formed, what they mean to us and to others. We hand cut all of our cabs, and try to use as many recycled materials as we can. I've been collecting rocks since I was a kid, and have an emotional connection to all of the stones we use - and have gotten to know our 2 local stone suppliers personally. It's an amazing process. 
Why copper? Even though we silver plate some of the rings for visual aesthetics, the power of copper as a mineral can't be denied. Copper can turn your skin green because it oxidizes and is being absorbed in small traces into your body. (if you eat more alkaline-promoting foods, your skin will be less likely to turn green.) Copper has been worn for thousands of years for its beauty and for what some believe are it's health benefits. I can't say whether copper can help your arthritis, or if it will ease aches and pains, but if you believe that the earth has millions of mysteries, in it's beautiful rocks and minerals, then you can understand why we are so drawn to this trace mineral - one that is essential to all living creatures. I'm ultimately drawn to copper because it is beautiful. I love the way it tarnishes over time. It compliments gemstones in a unique and beautiful way. We have started incorporating other metals into the rings and bolos, and have loved getting to know they way they work together.
It's been such a great process, watching the rings evolve, and seeing the connection our customers have to them. We have connected with so many people through this community and through our work. These rings means something different to every person who purchases one, and it's been so special to find out why. 
We're looking forward to making so many more of these coffin rings in 2016. And love to hear your feedback and requests for stones!

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