Hopes and Dreams

As this year quickly comes to an end, I wanted to share some hopes and dreams for our little shop. But before I do so, I wanted to remind you all that tomorrow is the last day that we are tumbleweeds, and the last day to use the coupon code goodbyetumbleweeds for 25% off. There isn't much in our shop, but we're happy to share a little discount during this transitional time.


So, I wanted to share some of my thoughts about the new year. Maybe it's strange to share these behind the scenes thought processes with the outside world, but this is a journey we are on, and I want everyone to see behind the curtain too. These are the goals I have for us as a very small shop, and they're all so attainable and personal, which makes the new year very exciting! I'm doing my best to stay focused on the positives. This year, 2015, we have worked so hard, and have learned so much. If you have been following along, you may know that this hasn't quite been our year of triumph like I had expected. And honestly, I've been hearing echoes of the same from many of our peers.

Let us come together and make a pact. A pact to be positive, productive and loving towards ourselves and our family in the new year. Let's promise to try our hardest, to be open to change and to find peace with whatever we do in our lives. Let's make new friends, shower old friends with love and affection, write more letters, be better at our jobs, kiss our pets and kids more often, drink lots of good coffee and laugh until we cry.

So, let's get on with my hopes and dreams for this small biz of mine. There are lots of things that I know I can focus on, but here are just a few.  

HIT THE ROAD: 2016 will be the year we travel to do shows, pop-up events, workshops and flea markets! We already have 3 scheduled for January and February and can't wait to plan more! We want to meet you, hug you, let you hold our work, fall in love with a piece and take it home that day. No more waiting, no more emails, no more faceless interactions. We want to talk to you about what we do, and learn about what you do. Do you want us to come to your town? Let us know where you're at, and we'd love to come visit! Are you a shop owner, fellow small biz maker, or have an idea for a workshop or event? Let us know!! Have van, will travel!

NO MORE WAITING: The time has come (and has been in the works for some time now,) we no longer offer made-to-order items. Period. No ifs, ands or buts about it. We may not have your ring size available, or maybe you have a certain stone in mind, or a tiny knife that you want us to make, and we'd love to hear from you about custom work, but we will not be selling multiples of anything that isn't already made, packaged and ready to ship. PERIOD. As a side note, this HUGE change will mean quicker communication, better organization, new work, and most importantly, a better business. I don't want to be a broken record, so you can read back through this blog to see some of the roadblocks we've experienced with offering made-to-order work.  

OPEN STUDIO: Starting in February, we will be hosting an open studio night and dinner the last Friday of every month. You can RSVP on our website starting in February, and if you live in North Florida or South Georgia, we would love to have you come down for the night for an open studio night with a bonfire, supper and mini-workshop (the theme of the workshop will change every month.)

LET'S WORK TOGETHER: We are looking forward to working with other artists and small businesses in 2016 and beyond. If you want to collaborate on a project, get in touch!

HEALTHY DAYS, HEALTHY NIGHTS: Being healthy isn't just about eating the right foods, or getting enough exercise. It's about self love, being kind to your heart, spending time with your loved ones and disconnecting from "work" which is especially hard when your work is also your art and something you love so much. That being said, we very rarely disconnect from our work. It is all consuming. So, we really want to focus on strengthening more than just our business, but our personal life as well. That means having a work schedule, hours of operation, time of the day when you can call us to ask about our work if you have questions before you buy something, a set shipping schedule. These are things that we can all benefit from.

So, those are out goals, just a few of our dreams for this little life of ours. They aren't huge, are not sales-driven goals. We just want to be the best we can be this year and beyond. So much room to grow! I would love to hear some of your hopes and dreams for your small business/life.

Happy New Years Eve. 



PS, I made a few more of those marbled maple beauties, you can get them here. ;)

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  • I would be so happy if you came to my town but I’m so far away. We live in a small town in Utah. I admire you and your work so much! Just from the little bit that I read. You have good priorities! Traveling and living and loving more are awesome aspirations!! I have some of the same goals. I want to spend more time actually listening and learning from my parents. I want to love my husband with everything that I have and show him things he’s never seen. He has terminal brain cancer but that doesn’t stop him from loving and getting the most he can out of life. He inspires me so much! He NEVER complains, I need to learn how to do that. I hope this new year brings us so much joy! I hope that you don’t get sick of my comments. I just love to hear the truth your heart speaks!!


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