Night Lists

I couldn't sleep last night, up at 4am, hot coffee, sitting on our screened in porch with a couple of cats purring sleepily next to me. It's so quiet here at night, just the noises from the woods, far and distant coyotes howling and the dripping of a soft, fine rain. Despite common misconceptions about north Florida, it's a very different place than the rest of Florida. We have seasons, albeit not as pronounced as Georgia or Alabama or Tennessee. It gets cold here in the winter and early spring, and we have fog. Lots of fog. It rolls in off the gulf and settles just above the ground, weaving in and out of the cypress knees and mounds of pine straw. The night sky is clear and so full of stars, it's blinding.
There is a song by Kimya Dawson called Underground and one line of the song goes "So I fantasize that the nights will get shorter and the days will get better." and I used to feel so connected to that. I don't sleep very much. I never have, even as a kid. I would just find ways to keep myself occupied until everyone else wakes up - I once went through a phase where I would take notes on infomercials to see which was the most effective..I was 8. As I got older, I would watch hours of Seinfeld and x-files, paint, draw, write stories - in my teenage years I would hand sew my leopard print pants so they were skin tight and make grrrl zines that never left my bedroom. After college, I would go for midnight bike rides around the campus and read books and chain smoke on the porch until I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore.
Now that I'm older, I get a little more sleep, especially recently. But still have my late night bouts of sleeplessness. So last night, I sat on the screened in porch, watched the fog drift through the woods outside our house, and made a small list of all the things I want to accomplish this month. I figured it would be nice to share.
1. Turn one bowl on the lathe a day - so far so good!
2. Spend more time writing letters to friends. 
3. Blog everyday - which you already know is a goal this month.
4. Visit my grandparents more often. They're so close, only a few hours away, yet we don't make the time when we should. Life is short, man. Plus they're awesome and always make us waffles. 
5. Travel to one new place - whether it be Florida or elsewhere.
They're super simple goals, and I know I can accomplish them. Oh, and maybe get more sleep.
Oh, also, I'm really proud of this new bolo that Doug and I made. It's giving me all the good, happy feelings about working together as partners, and watching an idea form into a tangible piece of wearable art. It's in the shop!
And Here's Bowl #3 of my new bowl a day project. Life is good today. (it helped that it was 82 degrees out!)

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