A Love Letter From Me to You.

It early, Tuesday morning, and I have been up for a while, doing dishes, a load of laundry, tending to a post-surgery Kathy-Bobbi, watching the news, drinking coffee and getting ready to start my work day. This morning, I have been thinking a lot about the response to my post from a few days ago. I've been preoccupied worrying about people I care about going through some tough stuff right now, and it's been consuming, but I woke up and read the comments from my post and it really made me take a step back and look at the bigger picture.
Sometimes I get caught up in my own world, and lose my perspective. But these last few months haven't just been hard for us, but for people closest to us, and to strangers we don't even really know.  I realize that I am making myself vulnerable by putting it all out there, and that's some scary stuff, and not in everyone's comfort zone. Life is an ebb and flow of good and bad. And that's what makes it so special. So...
Dear You,
Today is beautiful. It's February 2016, and although I don't know what the weather is like where you are, but I am sure there is something good about it. It's bright and cold here in North Florida. Maybe you're just waking up, or maybe you've been up for hours. But I want you to know you're amazing. You woke up today, you opened your eyes and welcomed the world. You may feel shitty, or maybe you feel great, but regardless, you're a precious member of society and you matter. Start your day with that in mind and keep  
Your past doesn't define you, your accomplishments are yours to own. Embrace the now, and grow every day. You are worth it. 
Love, Me. 


  • Thank you for this. You’re not kidding about rough times the last few months. I was blaming it on Merc retrograde but it was so, so, so awful for so many of my loved ones (myself included), I know it’s more than the planets’ going haywire. Beyond-words-awful. Thanks for sending the Love. We all need it. I hope you are getting some back for yourself. Xo

  • I needed to hear this today! Sometimes I feel like I get lost in the shuffle and I need to greet the day knowing I’m an important person. Thank you!


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