The Good Stuff

I have been feeling so disconnected from the world lately. Maybe it's partly good, I have been limiting my time glued to the computer for work, and it has allowed us to spend more time outside. I've been running, and working A LOT. But, I also don't love being disconnected because I love the internet and all of the connections and friendship it has to offer. I love supporting my friends in their ventures and introducing new friends to old friends via their work/art/etc. So, here are a few things I am currently loving. shop small, support artists and connect!

(Garden Succulent by Everyday is a Holiday - shop here)

Desert Patch by Time Space Place - Shop here)

(Illustration by Sally Nixon - Shop here)

Babe Vibes digital print by Kelsie McNair - Shop here)

I have a much anticipated tutorial that I will be posting later tonight! Stay tuned!

xo, Bec

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