A New Home for Minnie 〰 Hope Springs Animals Sanctuary

We left early Saturday morning to make a very special delivery to Washington D.C. - little Minnie the Calico, our little bottle baby, was ready to go to her new forever home. If you're not up to speed, we have a small, family run animal sanctuary - mostly special needs cats, but hoping to expand this coming year. We rescued Minnie when she was only 14 days old. Her mama had died 2 days after giving birth and Minnie's at aretakers found out they were very allergic. We were happy to take her on.

A few weeks in, an old friend contacted me about adopting her. I always wait until we get the OK from the vet to start the adoption process, and knowing how dedicated Danielle and Andrew are with their 2 indoor only cats, we were happy to work with them! They made it possible for us to make the quick trip to D.C.to deliver Minnie once she was old enough and I'm so happy to know that their home and family is the perfect fit for this outgoing, happy kitten! 

We got to D.C. very early Sunday morning - around 2am - and of course Minnie was wide awake and ready to meet her new family. She immediately found all of her new toys and tried to play with all of them immediately! Her new big brother and sister stayed upstairs, but new Mom and Dad got some first kisses and love bites as Minnie explored her new house. We all got some sleep and in the morning it was apparent that Minnie was ready to make herself right at home. 

We only had 48 hours total to make this trip, so we didn't get to stay and visit long. We got Minnie all settled, walked Danielle and Andrew through new kitten parenthood and introductions with their 2 cats. We grabbed some food at Sunrise Caribbean (really amazing vegan food!) and then got back on the road!  

People always ask me if it's hard saying goodbye to our fosters/rescues once they get adopted out and the answer is 1000% no. It's such a good, happy feeling. knowing that every kitten we've raised is in a loving forever home makes us so full and ready for the next ones!

(You can check out #minniethecalico for all of Minnie's baby pictures and to see her journey and follow @hopespringsanimalsanctuary for more animal rescue updates!) 

Headed back to Nashville now. We've got a sanctuary to run, a bunch of orders to fill and a week to start. Happy Monday, all! 

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