Cloudland Canyon - Dog Friendly Day Hike

We made a quick detour to Cloudland Canyon on the way back to Florida from Nashville, it's in Rising Fawn Georgia, just south of Chattanooga. We've been once before, and honestly, the first time we went, it was hard. It's over 600 stairs each way, and 1000 feet drop in elevation. I struggled that last time we went, I was in terrible shape and needed to stop A LOT! This time, I'm 30 pounds lighter, and am a lot more active and take far better care of myself, and I really enjoyed it. I have a ways to go, to get where I feel comfortable In my skin, but pushing myself to keep going is such a good feeling. (And yes, I did all that hiking in my moccasins and a pair of ripped up levis!) 

Doug shot a video of our hike and you can watch it on our YouTube channel (click here!) 

Ollie had a blast on the hike too and met a lot of new dog friends. This is the first time in 8 years that he has been away from Charlie and I can tell its bumming him out, so going on this rad little hike and getting real tired helped him settle. We pick up Charlie from the vet tomorrow and I can't wait to see him. His eye ruptured before we had to leave and we really didn't want to put him through the stress of traveling and being away from home. Our vet is amazing and sends us update photos everyday and that helps. 

Before I get back to work, I want to share a little shout-out to our friend Annie, who made the bag I used on our hike today. It's the most versitile day bag I've ever owned, and she hand makes them in Brooklyn. It's my post office bag, my travel bag, picnic bag, and you can wear it like a backpack too for hiking or adventuring. Check out her beautiful work here!

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