Finally have a second to sit down and take a break from what has been a non-stop week! I can honestly say that I haven't been this tired or this stoked on life and work in a while, and it feels good to earn our sleep and really put in the work! This last weekend has been such a blur! We worked 20 hour days Thursday-Saturday, functioning on the smallest amount of sleep and the sheer willpower to get as much work done as possible. It was productive but exhausting and totally worth it! We got out of town on Sunday for Indie Flea in Tampa, got to hug lots of our fellow makers and customers, eat good food and talk about what we do and why it matters so much!

After the show we packed up our booth and headed to Zypherhills so Doug could skate the park there, but got side tracked by a state park, so we stopped and discovered it's the only class-2 Rapids in all of Florida! We parked the van, and took a little hike but should have listened to the park ranger and grabbed some bug spray because the mosquitos were brutal. We found the overlook for the Rapids, didn't even take a photo, and started speed-walking back to the van, took a wrong turn and ended up hiking an extra mile through the worst mosquitos I've ever experienced! I had at least 100 bites by the time we got back to the van! 

We made it to Zypherhills and Doug rolled around the park for a while, and I did my best to stay awake, drank a red bull, shot some video for him and we got back on the road headed home. We were both craving a big New York style cheese pizza but couldn't find anything at all, so we made it home and both passed out on the couch and slept for a solid 7 hours before it was time to get back up and get back to work! 

I am fostering a few cats right now and yesterday found a home for Mama Mavis and her baby Colin, a woman who goes to the same Vet as us, so we took the cats to their new home yesterday. It's such an amazing feeling, seeing a rescue go into their new forever home.

I have a project that I have been working on for a few months now, and looks like T will finally come to fruition next month which is awesome, so in between working in the shop, packing/shipping orders, and answering emails/listing new work, I've been working on that. I can't wait to share more, I think y'all are going to be super stoked on it too. 

 I had a ton of new work to list yesterday in the shop but when we woke up neither of our phones were working! I called Verizon and they told us the tower in our town was down, and since our internet is through our phone plan, it was down too! I was fretting at first because I don't like not being connected - I do my best to answer emails in a timely matter and had so much work to do, but I gave in to the universe and instead, we took newborn photo for our nephew and his girlfriend and their new baby, and we watched the sunset from the bridge and stopped into the local pizza place for a not-new York style cheese pizza and free wifi. Their wifi was too slow so I didn't get to do the work I had wanted to do, but I was able to list all of that new work this morning! I woke up at 6am and finally watched the Game of Thrones, drank strong coffee and updated our website! It's already been a super productive day and I know it will only get better! Hope everyone also has a great Tuesday!

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