Snow day Musings

We woke up this morning to the most beautiful snowfall I've ever seen. I've been aching for a good snowfall since we moved and the universe granted me with one just 6 days into the new year. I was up until 5:30 working in the shop this morning, it was lightly snowing last night, and I checked the weather app on my phone before bed to see if we were going to get snow and it wasn't projecting it, so it was an excellent surprise! I got out of bed, prepared the kitten's bottle, made coffee and snuggled back in bed with a full bellied kitten, a hot cup of coffee and a couple of big cats at my feet. Doug got his camera out to film the birds playing in the snow, and I took a little extra time to get up and start my day. 

I have mostly lived in places that get very little snow - Atlanta, Phoenix/Tucson, Southern California, Florida. So snow is and always will be magical to me.

On another magical note, I have to occasionally take breaks from working so my hands don't cramp up, so last night, I took an hour to make some vegan macarons, which still totally blows my mind. A cookie based wholly in whipped egg whites made vegan seems impossible but cook down a little garbanzo bean water, and whip it up and bam, vegan macarons that taste and look identical to the original. I wasn't stoked on any recipes I found online so I altered my usual macaron recipe and I'm really pleased with the results. 

I'm pretty excited actually. One of the reasons why we rented our new place is because on topmof it having the perfect shop for Doug to build his furniture and work comfortably, there is a small but awesome commercial kitchen space and as we wrap up the last of our open orders and get our little business in order, I'm shifting gears and couldn't be more excited about it. More on that later. 

We had such a productive day today, even played in the snow a bit, and squeezed in a little nap, but it's 7pm, and time for us to head back into the workshop. We have so much catch-up to do after being sick for 2 weeks and the holidays kicking our buns in the gnarliest way. As we enter into a new year, I'm doing my very best to stay positive and push forward. For my own mental health and the health of our work. I want this to be the best year ever. Anyways, I just wanted to share a little peek into our day! Hope everyone else had a great one! ❤

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