June Update

Here we are, almost the end of June, and maybe wondering where the hell it went to. Well, we do know where it went to. 16 hour days in the shop, sometimes longer, sometimes a little shorter, but our footprints are stamped into that old wood floor like heavy tree roots. There are scattered empty coffee mugs and it's in dire need of a good sweeping, and stacks of old rags and wood scraps are in every corner, but we've been hammering out more work in the last month than we have in years. And it feels pretty good. If all goes well, we'll be all wrapped up in the next week or so. Doesn't that sound dreamy. 

We got the good news that we have been accepted as venders at Porter Flea in Nashville this summer! We're really looking forward to it! Check out the rest of the lineup, it's going to be a great show! We also applied to Etsy Open Call, so wish us luck. We haven't done any wholesale in a while and could sure use a help getting better at wholesale and working with retailers. You can check out our etsy shop if you're into it. These confetti heart sunglasses are exclusively on Etsy, so if you've been wanting to snag a pair, that is where you will find them!

I had a little friend with me while I shot some photos this morning. Isn't he beautiful? It was a gentle reminder to slow down and appreciate the littlest things.  

Been focusing again on my health, like obsessing over it, which I guess is better than obsessing over other things.... As an artist, it's so easy (and stereotypical) to chain smoke all night while I work, never sleep, eat pizza for 3 out of 3 meals a day and then what....call it quits at 35 when my heart gives out. Nope. I have let food addiction be my chains for far too long. I started on a journey to get healthy last year and it started strong but I let stress and worry and stress get the best of me, and back to eating junk to sooth the rough patches. It didn't work, it just made me feel like shit and put me back at step one. So here I am, making conscious and lasting choices for my body and hopefully can keep it a priority and stick with it. We have so much to give, but we can't give anything if we can't even take care of ourselves. Ya know?!

I haven't been taking a lot of photos of work lately. Just been hustling everyday until it's time to go to the post office and then back to hustling, so taking photos has fallen to the wayside. But I did snap a photo of this set the other day. That's real amber! I gotta take more photos!! 

I came across this George R. R. Martin quote earlier and it really stuck with me - “Never forget what you are, for surely the world will not. Make it your strength. Then it can never be your weakness. Armour yourself in it, and it will never be used to hurt you.” So, people wonder why I talk so much about growth and change and the ups and downs of small business and maker life - it's because whether I talk about them or not, other people will, and I want to be remembered for doing my very best. For putting int he work. For overcoming hardships and for finding myself with grace and with clarity. So, that's it for my update, I have a few more blog posts in draft mode, hopefully can make the time to post soon!

Love, Bec

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