Vegan Celebration Cake!

Hi! Long time no post, but it's December and I have a ton of blog posts in queue so maybe we can reignite this fire! Firstly, I want to say that we moved back to Tennessee and are so focused on work and getting orders out the door, our house is still a total mess and boxes are stacked higher than my head, but I'm so happy. We're stoked to be back, and in Nashville! It's beautiful here and the vibes are so good. 

Once we got moved in, the first thing I did was buy so many gallons of white paint to cover up the baby blue walls upstairs, and the second thing I did was get my kitchen set up. I miss making cakes and pies and cookies and sweet things on the regular. I was batting some serious depression in Florida, and I just wasn't motivated to do anything, but being in this new space gives me all the happy feelings. So, dougs been wanting some vegan chocolate cake to celebrate our move, and I've been wanting to update my portfolio, so I grabbed some gorgeous flowers from FLWR SHOP in Five Points and dug up my favorite recipes for a vegan chocolate cake and a vegan cranberry orange spice cake. The chocolate cake recipe is from The Minimalist Baker's one bowl vegan chocolate cake, and the cranberry orange spice cake recipe is my own. The buttercream is a basic wedding cake buttercream make vegan! 

It has been a great week. We've caught up on sleep (it's crazy, it gets dark here at 4:30, but we're up at 5:30 in the morning which is a great feeling!) and we've gotten a lot of orders shipped, set up our basement workshop - even though my office is still a nightmare! The animals are all adapting, and we're hoping to get the kitten room set up and ready so we can start pulling from the local animal control. I never feel like I'm getting enough accomplished in a day, but I think that will just take some adjustment. I always think I'm a pro at moving until We actually make the move and I'm all out of sorts! A friend asked if I miss Florida yet, and I do miss certain things about Florida, like Indie Flea and our feral cat colony and the smell of freshly cut cedar. But there is so much beauty here, and so much newness. I can always visit Florida, we can always take a weekend road trip, but this really feels like home. 

So, here is a our celebration cake. We're here, the future looks bright, now back to hard work and no sleep and lots of Netflix! 

Love, Beca


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