My Love Affair With Florida Souvenirs

If we're being totally honest, I've had  love/hate relationship with Florida my whole life. I loved coming here as a kid and exploring the swamps where my grandparents live, spending time with family, and escaping reality for a few weeks at a time. But I never envisioned myself living here. 

When we escaped freezing cold Kentuckiana 2 years ago, it wasn't permanent. We'll move back to civilization soon. We're only moving to Florida for a short time. THIS IS TEMPORARY. But over the last 2 years I've fallen in love with this place. There are beaches, woods, swamps, marshes, cities, small towns, rivers, lakes, islands, and everything in between. Old Florida is beautiful and full of history. It's the Deep South, but also very different from Georgia or Alabama or South Carolina. It's tropical, and then 2 hours away its beachy, and 2 hours from that it's swamps and woods, and then back to the beautiful crystal blue ocean beaches.

Another thing about Florida, more so than any other place I've lived, the souvenirs are amazing, and plentiful. I've started a small collection recently and now that I know what to look for, I see vintage souvenirs everywhere I go now! I've been a little more selective, except cheap vintage Florida teeshirts - the brighter and tackier the better. 

I love old Florida photos, post cards, books and literature. I've gathered so much memorabilia from Miami to Jacksonville! 

I picked up one of those Florida flags for our friends who collect them, and have found a few more since. The little pink Tampa vase is SO special, and has 14k gold details. I'll share more of my collection in another post later on. It's such a variety of different things, and so fun to hunt for!

I've gone through so many collections, but this has become my most favorite so far! Do you collect anything? Let us know in the comments! 

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