Our sunglasses are made from high impact acetate frames, hand veneered (real) wood veneer and waterproof, weather resistant adhesive and a crystal clear, hard coat finish.

To care for your sunglasses once they have gotten dirty, dusty or soiled, rinse with soapy water and a wipe debris off with soft rag. Do not use paper towel or toilet tissue, as the fibers may get caught between lens and frame and are difficult to get out. Once you have wiped water off, use a lens cleaner fluid or lens cleaning towelette to clean any oils off the lenses and remove any soap residue. Dry with a soft, dry rag. A clean cotton tee-shirt will dry them if you're on the go.

We suggest to keep your sunglasses in a hard case whenever they are not in use. Due to the nature of the materials, leaving them in extreme heat or extreme cold for excessive time could cause delamming of the wood from the acetate. We use the highest quality marine grade epoxy, however, wood is a natural material and despite our efforts, will react to extreme weather/temps and humidity. If this does happen, please contact us and we will provide warranty/repair instructions and cost.

Do not use bleach cleaner of any kind, acetone, linseed oil, olive or vegetable oil, rough paper, paper towel, toilet tissue, or baby wipes. Standard windex for windows is fine. You can purchase bulk lens cleaner wipes from most major chain stores for a very low cost, an these are the best to use for sticky messes. A note about salt water, we recently tested our frames in salt water - a 6 hour day of underwater gulf swimming and kept the frames in the salt water all day. They 100% withstood the test. We don't suggest keeping them in a chlorine pool for any extended time, as the chemicals are bad news for wood products. Same for leaving them in a glove box in summer, its like slow cooking the sunglasses and it just isn't a great idea! 



Q: I've lost a screw to my glasses, what do I do?

A: You can get screw replacements kits at most drug stores or online, but if you want to purchase a replacement screw from us, you can email us. Replacement screws through us are $5, and this includes the cost of shipping.

Q: Do you do wholesale?

A: We do, however at this time we are only accepting a limited number of wholesale requests. Please email us tumbleweedshc@gmail.com for more information or to request a line sheet.

Q:  I broke my glasses, what do I do?

A: We're so sorry to hear that. Please shoot us an email for our repair/replacement options. 

Q: Do you offer a discount for wedding parties?

A: Sure! Just email us with plenty of time (2-3 months advance notice, please) and the number of people in your party and we will send over a quote!