Shipping Schedule

Hey radical customers! We're updating a brand new shipping schedule to ease the communication stresses and keep y'all super informed. Below is a detailed shipping schedule for the next few weeks -  it's subject to change, as we are an organic operation and weather, humidity, and life can happen! Thanks for checking in!

Update - we had some unexpected flooding and weather that has effected production times, so thanks for your patience - we're awaiting a pick-up from usps and will have a more detailed update soon! 

PLEASE EMAIL US AT OR USE THE BELOW CONTACT FORM. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR ORDER NUMBER. This is a new system for us, so thanks for your patience in this transition. Thanks for your excitement over receiving your orders, we are so stoked to get them in the mail, and would love to hear your thoughts on this new way to communicate. If you have any suggestions or concerns, please email us!  

ALL QUESTIONS POSTED ON SOCIAL MEDIA WILL BE DIRECTED HERE, OR TO EMAIL US. WE CANNOT OFFER INDIVIDUAL UPDATES VIA INSTAGRAM, DIRECT MESSAGE, OR TWITTER. PLEASE USE THE CONTACT FORM BELOW. Just a little note: It isn't that we don't want to communicate via social media, we do! It's just sometimes impossible to connect IG or twitter handles with order #s and names, and keep track of the back and forth conversations when they aren't searchable or savable!! We're happy to keep in touch via social media, but for any status updates and questions about individual orders, we appreciate you using the below contact form! <3

If you need to track a package, please visit our TRACK YOUR ORDER page!